WordHero Review : Everything You Need To Know Before Purchasing It

Wordhero review

Today, I am going to write wordhero review. I purchased the tool and did experiments with every template.

I will also share some actual screenshots of my output so that you may see the tools’ actual output.

This article will be helpful for every person who may decide to purchase word hero or have the intention to buy it.  

Let’s start our Wordhero review.

What Is WordHero?


WordHero is popular ai writing assistant. The tools help you to create blog intros, paragraphs, and conclusions amazingly. With this AI tool, you can quickly write email sales copy, amazon product descriptions, product reviews, social media bio, a website about us, and many more.

This tool is pretty excellent. Using this tool, you can save lots of money and publish more content on your website frequently. However, it is an effective tool to be up-to-date in your business, marketing activities, social media, and others. 

what is wordhero

Whether you need content to express anything, WordHero can help you. You can even write poems and song lyrics using WordHero ai writing tool.

In short, WordHero can help you in every case where you need content. You don’t need to be an expert writer to use it; all you need to do is provide instructions ideally. WordHero will do the rest of the things in favor of you. 

WordHero Review; How The Tool Works


WordHero is a powerful ai writing tool that helps users to create engaging content with very few steps. The tool has 60+ writing options. Firstly, you need to select an option from the list. After that, a new popup will open before you, asking you for some pieces of information to generate human-like content. 

For example, if you click a blog paragraph from the list, a popup will ask you to write short descriptions, keywords, and tone. Here, giving short descriptions and keywords is mandatory, and tone is optional; you can ignore it if you wish. 

I tried both with and without tone, and the content I found is similar. However, you can try this on your project. Finally, after putting in the pieces of information, hit the write for me button. Within a few seconds, you will see the magic. Normally, I found three versions of content each time when I tried to generate content. It will show only one version of the writing copy in rare cases.

Read the content carefully and pick the most relevant copy of the content. After that, don’t forget to check the plagiarism. The beauty of WorHero tools in here. I found almost in every case plagiarism-free content. And, WordHero commits that the tool will provide plagiarism-free content. How cool it is!

How wordhero works


Wordhero features : 60+ Writing Templates Is Ready to Be Your Writing Assistant


 AIDA Copywriting Formula

There are many different copywriting formulas; AIDA is a commonly used formula for creating literary writing. It has been proven to be effective in producing high-quality, persuasive writing following the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action formula. With this guide, you can create your own AIDA formula and enjoy its benefits. 

Amazon Product Descriptions

This feature helps you input information about your Amazon product. With this tool, you can create compelling product descriptions in just minutes. One of the key benefits of using the WordHero Ai Writer is its ability to automatically format your product descriptions according to published writing style guidelines. This makes it easy to follow published formats while creating creative and accurate product descriptions. 

 Blog Headlines

There are several different blog headline tools on the market today, but one that is growing in popularity is WordHero AI Writing. AI Writing allows for easy writing by using natural language processing (NLP) to help analyze and understand your writing style. This can then be used to generate better headlines that will attract attention from potential customers and viewers. 

Blog Intros

Your intro must be exciting and engaging to your readers. Additionally, your content is correct and relevant to your topic. If it is not read-worthy, your readers will leave your website. Let Word Hero write engaging blog intros for your next blog post. This feature allows you to easily create and write your blog post intros without having to learn writing skills.

Blog Outlines

When starting out as a blogger, you first need to create a blog outline. A blog outline is an overview of your blog posts that will help you plan and create exciting and engaging content for your readers. With WordHero, you can quickly generate blog outlines.

Blog Paragraphs (beta)

There’s no denying that blogs are an effective way to share your ideas, insights, and experiences with the world. But what if you want to be more creative and innovative with your content? WordHero’s blog paragraphs template can help you write blog posts more creatively and innovatively. 

Blog Topics

Are you struggling to find blog topics for your blog? As a blogger, you may often face issues. Do you want to write about specific topics or create an overall series? Word hero can provide you with blog topics for your blog. 

Book Descriptions 

Want an engaging description for books? These features allow you to write fascinating book descriptions. 

Book Titles

Do you want attractive book titles for a new book? Try WordHero’s book title features to create appealing titles for your book.

Brand Name Ideas

Do you struggle to find brand names for your business? Use WordHero to get some brand name suggestions for your 

Bullet Point Expander

Bullet Point Expander features help you quickly transform bullet points into a sentence. You can use Bullet Point Expander to help you focus on the crucial points in your writing and ensure your information is well organized. 

Cold Emails

This feature allows users to send out cold emails without engaging email writing skills. 

Content Rewriter v2

Need a different version of existing content? WordHero’s content rewriter v2 features will help to rewrite existing content.

Cover Letters

Don’t know how to write an attractive cover letter? Don’t worry; let WordHero write cover letters for you. 

Descriptive Expression

The descriptive expression can also help make a story more interesting and exciting to read. It can be used to describe people, places, things, bland sentences, or events.

Email Subject Lines

Are you struggling with writing attractive email subject lines? Email subject lines play a vital role in increasing the open email rate. Let WordHero write lovely email subject lines for your email campaign.

Features to benefits 

Want to turn your boring product features into irresistible benefits? Let Word Hero do this for your business and turn features into benefits. 

Marketing ideas 

Sometimes your business may need marketing ideas from third-person. Let WordHero give marketing ideas for your business. 

Product Description 

Do you need a compelling product description? WordHero can write it for your business.

Product names

Need some excellent product name ideas? Let WordHero suggest product name ideas.

Real estate listing description 

Are you looking for a real estate listing description? WordHero has you covered. 

Review responder

Want to respond to reviews with creative writing? WordHero is the solution center for responding to reviews.

Startup ideas

Need some startup ideas? Get inspired by WordHero.The tool helps you by generating startup ideas.

Startup slogans

Like startup ideas, it also has feature-generating startup slogans for your business. Let’s try wordhero to find a better motto for your business.

Startup value propositions

You may need unique value propositions for your business. Use Wordhero for generating startup value propositions for business.

Blog conclusions 

The conclusion is the summary place of your entire content. If you don’t know how to summarize well, let word hero write practical blog conclusions for your blog post. 


FAQ is a significant section for a website. Let WordHero suggest some faq questions for your website or sales page.

Product benefit sentiments

This template allows you to write benefit headers and paragraph sentiments for your sales page.

SEO descriptions 

SEO descriptions are essential for any website that wants to rank well in search engines. They help users find the site by providing a brief, keyword-rich description of what the site is all about. Creative SEO description is always welcome, but very few people can write this. Let WordHero do this for your website. 

Explain it like a professor

Want to explain a topic like a professor? WordHero can help you by presenting topics like a professor. 

Explain it to a child

Want to explain a complex topic in a child friendly? Don’t have enough time to do this; let WordHero try this. It will deliver child-friendly explanations. 

Facebook ads 

Facebook ads are a great way to reach potential customers on social media sites. You need attention garbing ad copy for a successful ad campaign. Create your next Facebook ad copy with WordHero. 

Features, advantages, and benefits

This template can quickly write FAB statements for your product or services. 

Generic emails

When you write an email copy, maintaining professionalism is essential. WordHero can help to write professional email copy.

Google ads

Compelling google ad copy is vital for increasing CTR. With this template, you can write google ad copy quickly. 

HSO copywriting formula

Maintaining a hook, story, and offer in your writing is a popular marketing idea for sales or product pages. Don’t know how to keep a hook, story, and offer in copywriting; let wordhero do this for your business. 

Lead magnets

WordHero will suggest converting your visitors to leads. 


Listicles can be helpful when you want to get someone’s attention or when you want to make your point quickly. They can also be great for getting your audience engaged. 

Offer Ideas

Searching for ideas for your next offer? WordHero can suggest exclusive offer ideas for your business. 

Press Release 

In the world of press releases, it can be challenging to find the right words. Word Hero helps you find the right words for your release. If you’re looking for a writing assistant for your press release, Word Hero is perfect for you. 

Product Story 

Product stories are one of the most important aspects of any business. They help customers and employees understand your product or service, making it easier for them to buy what you’re selling. 

Quotable Quotes 

Quotable quotes can be a great way to express how someone thinks, feels, or speaks. You can quickly generate quote-worthy statements using WordHero.

Sales page Guarantee 

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the sales page for your business. One thing is writing a solid guarantee. Let word hero write a strong contract for your sales page.

Sales page headlines 

Need irresistible headings and subheadings for your sales page? Try WordHero for generating this.

Sales page opener

Attractive sales page openers or intros are essential. Word hero can help you deliver a captivating sales page opener.

Social media bio 

Social media bios are a great way to create a personalized online presence for your business. Additionally, you can build trust with your audience by putting your best foot forward on social media. You can write a short but effective social media bio using Wordhero.

Website about us

Struggling with writing the website about us page section. Let word hero try to write this for your website. 

Welcome email

Need attractive greet email copy for the new subscriber? Try word hero to write this.

Personal opinion

Want to give a personal opinion on any topics and don’t know how to write? Wordhero will help with writing personal views on any topic. 

Social media post ideas.

Let wordhero suggest social media post ideas for you. Write about your social media page and get the suggestion.

Video descriptions

 Generate video descriptions for your videos by writing what the video is about in the template. 

Video ideas

Let word hero recommend video ideas to get viral. Provide video channels like FB, Tiktok, etc. and write about your video channel and get suggestions.

Video titles

Get attention-grabbing titles for your videos. You need to write a short description of your videos to generate titles. 

Sentence expander

You can expand your existing content. Please don’t use ai generating content to get output; it won’t work. 

Example provider

Word hero will generate an example of your given statement. 

Fictional story narration

Narrates part of a fictional story using the word hero. With prior knowledge, you need to briefly describe what you want to be narrated in the template; the tool will do the rest. 

Grammar corrector

WordHero grammar corrector will help to correct grammar errors from your writing. 

Mini story

Like to be a story writer? Use wordhero template to write a memorable mini-story. Put your subject name and craft a gripping story.

PAS copywriting formula

Write a craft copy using the pain, agitate, and solution copywriting formula. Enter the product name and short description in the template, and within a few seconds, see the result. 

Pros and cons

Write compelling pros and cons for any product or service using the Wordhero template. 

Tone changer

Didn’t like the existing content tone? Word hero will help to set the right tone for you. 

product reviews

Want to write product reviews? You can generate it within a few seconds in word hero. 

Food recipes

need a recipe solution? Let word hero be your cooking partner by suggesting recipes you prefer. Type a recipe name, and the word hero will tell the ingredients and instructions. 


Let word hero write a greeting message for anyone in favor of you. 

Job description

Want to hire an employee for your company? Write a compelling job description for the candidate. 

Personal LinkedIn bio

A personal bio is vital on LinkedIn. Don’t know, professionally write a personal biography. Word hero can help 


Using word hero, you can quickly write poems now. How sweet it is!

Quora answers

Need answers for quora questions? Word hero is the solution. 

Song lyrics

want to be a lyricist? Word hero can help write song lyrics. 


Wordhero pros and cons

Due to its easy-to-use interfaces and almost plagiarism-free content delivery, this ai tool became very popular after launching. Today, many people use wordhero for generating content. However, the tool has a downside also. Let’s see the pros and cons of the tool.


  • easy to use 
  • better output
  • wide range of templates
  • deliver with various samples
  • Content is produced like human writing. 


  • It’s not a free tool.
  • The long-form editor has some limitations. 
  • It’s not a complete replacement for human writing.

Wordhero pricing

Wordhero is not a free tool, and the tool has no free trial also. So, if you want to use one of the best ai tools, you must purchase it. They have two pricing options monthly and yearly. The monthly pricing is $49; you can use it for only $29, but you must pay annually. The yearly cost for this tool is $348. You will get similar access for monthly and annual billing cycles. However, they have the policy to cancel it anytime. So, if you think it doesn’t suit your business, you can cancel it anytime. You will get the below facilities.

  • Generate unlimited content
  • Access to all writing tools
  • Long-form editor and keyword assistant
  • Write in 108 languages.
  • 24/7 priority support. 

Wordhero pricing

Wordhero alternatives

Undoubtedly, word hero is a great ai writing tool that helps bloggers, marketers, and businesses to generate content for various purposes. But, the tool also has alternatives. You can check the below alternatives of the wordhero tool. 

Jasper ai

The tool was formerly known as Jarvis ai writing tool. It is a fantastic content writing tool, and its output is excellent. Jasper will help to generate SEO-friendly content writing, better ad copy creation, and more. 


If you’re a freelancerentrepreneur, or want to use individual cases, you can try pepertype personal plan. It could be your perfect virtual content assistant. However, the tool has a free-using option that will help you judge the tool before spending money from your wallet. 


Wordhero FAQ


Is there any limitation on generating content?

No, Their subscription plans allow you to generate unlimited content. 

What technology does WordHero use?

Generally,wordhero uses GPT-3, a first-of-its-kind autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters. They also use proprietary AI technology.

Is there any chance to change pricing?

No, Once you get a subscription plan, you will be charged the same price in your next billing. However, pricing may change if you unsubscribe them and again come to purchase the tool. 

Is it ultimately replace the need for writers?

No, undoubtedly, word hero uses the best technology and delivers better content. But, you still need writers to edit the output. 


WordHero is a great writing tool that offers many features to its users. Some of the most popular features include managing your writing time. Additionally, WordHero can be used for business purposes as it offers many features for businesses. Overall, Word Hero is an excellent word processor that provides many benefits to its users.

You can go with Word Hero if you really need a writing assistant. Though it is not free, it is worth paying.  


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