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wordai review

Are you struggling with writing new content for your blogs or SEO activities? Writing content is very time-consuming and labor-intensive work. WordAi’s rewriting tool may help reduce the working pressure of creating content. In this wordAi review, I will discuss some features of WordAi that may help a lot.

You may hear previously about the WordAi rewriting tool. Did you test all their features? Undoubtedly, if you need to rewrite content, you will be a fan of WordAi when familiar with its features.

I am not inspiring you to use the tool. Also, I am against rewriting content for blogs. However, you may need this type of content for your business. That’s why I am writing about it.

Let’s start our WordAi review.

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WordAi  Article Spinning Tool Features 

Custom synonyms:

The Custom Synonyms feature allows you to use your own specified words as substitutes for others. WordAi will then properly imitate these words while rewriting content. It is a fantastic feature, and you can create a more effective article using it. After all, as humans, we can better understand the best alternatives to words rather than artificial intelligence.

You may use this great option using Interface, Bulk Rewriter, and the API.

How will this option help you?

  • It works like a merger tag. You can replace text within your information.
  • You can replace names, words, and phrases with other words.
  • It allows you to use the best possible synonyms of the words or phrases.

Where is the Custom Synonyms feature located?

You can find custom synonym features in two places

  • Rewrite the article page: 

When you land on the rewrite article page, you will see a toolbar at the top of the editor panel. On the right side of the toolbar, you will find the option ” manage custom synonym.” From here, you can set custom synonyms for the next article or all future projects.

best wordai review 2022

  • Rewrite Setting: 

Rewrite settings are the other option from where you can set custom synonyms for the article. Remember that if you update custom synonyms from here, it will be applied to all rewriting articles using the interface, bulk rewrite, and API.

wordai custom synonym

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How Can you use Custom Synonyms for a single article?

In most cases, you may need to use a custom synonym for a single article. To use it, click on the “custom synonym icon” from the toolbar on the editor.


A pop-up will be shown in front of you. However, Word Ai disabled this feature by default. So, you need to enable it first. To enable it, click the arrow button. Now you will find enable option.

Remember that enabling custom synonyms may decrease the content’s uniqueness. Additionally, it may affect the readability of the article. If you think it is worth using, only then enable it; otherwise, leave it.

However, WordAi confirmed that if you set custom synonyms for articles, they will protect the words and use your synonyms only for those particular words or phrases.

Maintaining the correct format is vital for perfect output. Here is the proper form of custom synonyms:

original word 1, synonym 1, synonym 2, synonym 3

original word 2, synonym 1, synonym 2, synonym 3

and so on


Use this format, and place your words or phrases in the box. Below, you will notice the update button. Click on it; your conditions will be updated.

That’s all for a single article. You successfully added custom synonyms for your article.

How Can I use Custom Synonyms for all future articles?

Using custom synonyms for all future articles is pretty easy in WordAi. To do this, you need to use the rewrite setting tab.

cs-5 wordai review

Again, if you didn’t use it before, you need to enable it first. After enabling it, you need to put the correct format for the synonym.

And the proper format is below:

original word 1, synonym 1, synonym 2, synonym 3

original word 2, synonym 1, synonym 2, synonym 3

and so on.


After that, click on the “update all settings” button. Now, you successfully added custom synonyms for all future articles.

Manage Protected Words

Want to protect words from your content? You can instruct WordAi that certain words are protected, and you don’t have permission to rewrite these words. You can use this feature to protect words, titles, quotes and urls. WordAi won’t change the elements you protected when rewriting articles.

Word Ai allows you to use this feature using interface, bulk rewrite and API.

How will this feature help you?

  • You can instruct Word Ai not to change specific words like keywords, company names, product or service names, etc.
  • You can protect quotes, URLs, titles, and sub-titles by keeping them unchanged when rewriting an article.

Where is the protected words feature located?

You can access protected words features from two places in your WordAi account

  • Rewrite the article page: 

You will notice a toolbar at the editor panel on the rewrite article page. Here, you will find the option ” protect words.” Update all required settings for your article from here. This setting will apply to your next article.

best wordai review

  • Rewrite Setting: 

Rewrite settings are the other option from where you can update protect words settings. This setting will be applied to all rewriting articles using the interface, bulk rewrite, and API.

[see above image]

How Can you use Protect Words for a single article?

If you want to protect words from a single article, click on the “protect words icon” from the editor panel. You will find it on the top of the panel.


Word Ai disabled this feature by default to increase uniqueness and readability. So, you need to enable it by clicking the arrow button.

However, enabling this feature may decrease the uniqueness of the content. It may affect readability also. So, be sure before using this feature.

While using it, place each word in an individual row. For example, if you want to protect 5 words, put each word in a row like below

original word 1,

original word 2,

original word 3,

and so on


WordAi allows you to protect quotes, titles, subtitles, and URLs, along with words and phrases. You just need to turn on the settings for these.

  • Protect Quotes setting: You can prevent WordAi from rewriting quotes by turning on this setting.
  • Protect Titles setting: By turning on this setting, you can prevent WordAi from rewriting sentences, headers, and subheaders in the title.
  • Protect URLs setting: You can protect valid URLs by turning on this setting. However, anchor text won’t be protected. To preserve anchor text, you must add it to the protected word list.

How Can I use Protect Words for all future articles?

You need to use the rewrite setting tab to protect words for all future articles.

Again, if you didn’t use it before, you need to enable it, as this feature is disabled by default. After enabling it, you must put the correct word protection format, and the proper format is below:

original word 1,

original word 2,

original word 3,

and so on.

You must keep each word in an individual row for word protection. Finally, click on the “update all settings” button. Now, you successfully prevent WordAi to rewrite for specific words or phrases.

Bulk Rewriter

Bulk rewriter is an excellent feature of WordAi. It lets you rewrite multiple articles at a time. You can concentrate on other works while your rewriting tools work for you automatically. To use this feature, go to the left navigation bar and click on the bulk rewriter option.

WordAi allows .csv and .zip file format for bulk rewriting. So, you must upload content in any of these formats.

File Guidelines (if uploading a .csv file)

If you want to upload a .csv file, follow the below guidelines

  • Make two columns for your articles. Use the first column for the article name and the second column for the article.
  • Keep one article for each row
  • Don’t use any title or subheader in any column of your bulk file
  • Keep your file size under 5MB.
  • Use a unique identifier for each article.

An example of .csv file format


File Guidelines (if uploading a .zip file)

  • upload each article in .txt file format
  • compressed it in .zip files
  • Keep your file size under 5MB.

Once you successfully uploaded a .csv or .zip file, set how many copies you want to rewrite (1,2,3,4, or more than 4). After that, use the sliding scale to select the desired mode (More Conservative, Regular, More Adventurous)

Finally, hit the rewrite button. WordAi will automatically rewrite all of your articles.

The number of rewrites:

With WordAi, you can rewrite more than 4 versions of a single article. Though the tool suggests fewer than 4 numbers to produce excellent content copy, you still have the opportunity to create more. Additionally, more rewrites may impact readability, so using 1 or 2 rewrite copies is better.

Paragraph and List Spinning

List spinning is an excellent feature of WordAi. It is one step ahead of paragraph spinning.

API feature

API feature will help you to automate your tasks more quickly. Firstly, you can use this key to connect with their pre-built integrations. Secondly, you can integrate it into your custom workflows.

Spintax View

This feature allows viewing your rewritten copy in a unified format. However, it will be helpful if your content creation platforms accept Spintax.

It is much easier to transfer the different versions of the same content. By clicking the { } icon under the right editor, you can view spintax.

Screenshot for spintax view

Import From Article Forge:

Article Forge is a famous ai content writer. With this tool, you can generate SEO-optimized, high-quality, long-form unique articles. If you need to rewrite this content, you can easily import it into the WordAi tool.

Code View

This feature allows you to view and edit content in HTML format

Screenshot for code view

How to Use Word Ai 

Using Word Ai is very easy. Even a newbie can use this spinning tool perfectly. However, it is not a free tool; you have to purchase the tool to use it. But, the tool owner offers you 3-day free trial before placing your credit card number.

I highly recommend using the free trial service; it will give you practical experience in using this tool. In addition, you can easily judge whether it is the right tool for you or not. If yes, you can purchase it; otherwise, move to other content-spinning tools like spin rewriter.

After signing up for a free trial, you will land on the software’s dashboard. Word Ai gives you several opportunities to rewrite the article.

Import From Article Forge

Did you write an article using article forge? If yes, you can import it from the Word Ai dashboard. Click on the “import from article forge” button, it will move you to article forge, and you can easily import your entire article.

Word Ai enables you to rewrite single and bulk articles. You can paste your content in the left blank document area for a single article.

Screenshot for import article forge

Set the Number of Rewrite Copy

Now, set the number of rewrites of copy you need. By default, Word Ai sets 1 copy. But, if you need more, you can select more than 4 copies simultaneously. However, putting 1 or 2 copies is better to get unique content with better readability.

Screenshot for number of copy

Protect Words That IS Important For You

In most cases, we must protect some words from the entire content. Word Ai realizes the importance of word protection and offers it in their tool. In the menu, you will find an option ” manage protected words.”  if you click on it, you will see options to protect words, place words in the box, and update them.

That’s all for words protection. If you find it in disabled conditions, you may need to enable it to use this feature.

Use Custom Synonym If Need

Want to use custom synonyms for some words? Click the rewriter setting button on the left side. Below, you will find custom synonym options. Put the original words with synonyms. Word Ai will replace all selected terms with your synonyms in their output results.

After updating custom synonyms and protect words feature, you can select rewriting mode of your content. There are three different modes (More Conservative, Regular, More Adventurous). By default you will find it in regular modes. If you wish, you can change the mode. Finally, hit rewrite button and word ai will deliver rewrite copy within minutes. How fast it is!

Word AI Pros and Cons


  • Easy Interface
  • Bulk rewriting abilities
  • words protection and custom synonym features
  • API integration abilities
  • Almost 100% unique content with better readability
  • 3-day free trial
  • Copyscape passed content
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Monthly pricing
  • Supports only the English language.

WordAi Pricing Plan

WordAi has monthly, yearly, and custom pricing plans. You must pay $57 a month if you want to pay monthly. But, you can 50% reduce your costing by getting yearly plans. It will cost you only $27 for a year. WordAi hides custom pricing. So, you must negotiate with them for this pricing.

30-day money-back guarantee will help you to take their service. So, if you become unsatisfied after using it, you can demand your money back. However, we suggest taking their free trial first; if you think this tool is perfect for you, only then purchase it.

Screenshot for pricing plan


What Is WordAi?

WordAi is article rewriting software. You can generate unique and better readability content within a minute using WordAi.

Can WordAi rewrite in other languages?

Currently, WordAi supports only the English language. They are working on adding more language for rewriting.

What Are The best alternatives to WordAi?

Though Wordai is a unique content rewriting software, it has alternatives in the market. Spin Rewriter, Spinner Chief vs. The Best Spinner, and Chimp Rewriter are the most acceptable alternatives to Word Ai. For more details, you can read the best article-spinning software in 2022.

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, WordAi offers 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I integrate this tool with a third party?

Yes, you can integrate this software with third-party tools like WP Robot, Kontent Machine, WP RSS Aggregator, Ubot Studio, Licorne AIO, GSA Ser Ranker, Article Forge, and many other tools.


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