4 Best Meta Description Generator Tools In 2022

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Are you looking for the best meta description generators for writing compelling meta descriptions? If yes, then you are in the right place.

We find out some best meta description generators for your business. You can try them to pick the right one for you or go with any of them directly. All of the tools are great for compelling copywriting solutions.

Why do you need the meta description generator?

Though meta description isn’t a SERP ranking factor, writing a compelling meta description is still essential for increasing CTR. So, we can’t ignore it.

But, it takes time to write an adequate meta description in the manual process as you are allowed below 160 characters in meta descriptions. That’s the place where meta description generators come in.

The tool will help you to create an adequate meta description within a few seconds.

Let’s find out the best meta description generators in 2022

What is meta description?

Meta descriptions describe an article or web page in a way that is useful to search engines and other online platforms. A meta description can provide summary information about the article or site.

It gives ideas to the users on what to expect when they visit that page. They can help describe an entire site or just one article.

It is an HTML tag that can look like below

<meta name=” description” content=” a quick example of a meta description.”>

You can see the tag in the header section of pages. However, we can see it differently in the SERP results below the title. Here is an example of a meta description on the SERP view.

Why is meta description essential?

Meta descriptions are important because they help people find the information they need when looking for a website or product. It can be used to describe a website, product, or service in a way that is helpful to viewers and potential customers.

Previously, there was a misconception that meta descriptions are one of the ranking factors. However, in 2009, Google announced that meta description isn’t included in the search ranking algorithm. It means meta description doesn’t play any role in search ranking.

It doesn’t mean that it is useless now. Perfect meta descriptions help increase the CTR of a website or article, which is very important. The more CTR means, the more page views. If your page has visitors, Google will like it and intend to show it in top positions.

If you see the SERP CTR distributions, you can see the significant visitors would like to visit page in 1st position. Gradually, it will decrease the numbers, and only 7% of visitors tend to go 2nd or 3rd page.

So, if your page is already ranking in the top ten positions, meta descriptions can help to increase visitors to your site. The significant advantage is Google does experiment himself to increase your Page CTR. That’s why you may see different meta descriptions of your page in SERP results after writing a good meta description.

What is a meta description generator?

A Meta description generator is a Saas software that helps you write meta descriptions for your website or blog. By creating a meta description, you can make sure your visitors know about your product or service and help them find you easier on the internet.

The maximum meta description generator tools work on GPT-3 language learning model. It is remarkably known artificial intelligence technology that ensures delivering human-like content. More importantly, the technology creates on a specific point basis content. You will get the relevant output of your requirements.

If you want to generate SEO-optimized meta descriptions, you can easily integrate the tools with famous SEO tools like Semrush, Frase.io, surfer SEO, and more. It will help you to create better meta descriptions for your article.

Best Meta description generating tools

There are several meta description generators available in the market today. They all have different advantages and disadvantages. Here we will review the best meta description generators in 2022.

Jasper ai meta description generator.

Jasper is the top meta description generator tool and one of the best at writing assistants. For years, Jasper has helped bloggers and content marketers create compelling copywriting and long-form articles. The tool has 52+ templates for generating content that will convert well.

In Jasper, you will find four different templates for generating meta descriptions: product page, service page, blog homepage, and post. You can use anyone which is suitable for your writing.

Jasper always tries to include your target keyword in the description. In addition, it also includes a clear call to action, which is impressive.

The only downside of the tool is that it is not a free tool. But, if you want great results, you can try their starter pack, which includes 50+ AI templates using 20+ different languages.

Wordhero meta description generator

Wordhero is a tool that helps you create meta descriptions for your online presence. This software can quickly generate long, exciting, descriptive descriptions of your website or product.

You can also use Wordhero to write blog posts, articles, or marketing materials. Ultimately, using Wordhero will help you build an impressive online presence that will increase your SEO ranking and bring more visitors to your site.

The tool has 70+ templates for helping you. With this tool, you can write long-form blog posts, song lyrics, and even poems. How amazing! Their output is fantastic.

However, it is not a free tool. You need to purchase the tool to see its outputs. However, it is a premium tool worth to pay regarding its production.

Rytr meta description generator


Rytr is a meta description generator that offers a user-friendly interface and powerful tools for creating great descriptions.

The company has been developing its software for years and has helped millions of people create their meta descriptions.

It is a freemium tool, also. So, you can use this meta description generator tool completely cost-free. For new bloggers, the tool is more effective for creative copywriting.

Copy.ai meta description generator

Copy.ai is another ai tool that will help to generate meta descriptions for your page or post. However, this AI tool offers numerous templates for bloggers, marketers, and social media managers.

You can use this tool for making long-form articles and creative copywriting like meta descriptions. You need to put your title and keyword in the template box; within a few seconds, it will deliver 5 different versions of copywriting.

You can keep one which is more suitable for your article. It is a freemium tool; you can use this tool’s pro version cost-free for 7 days which is enough time to judge its capacity.

How to write a compelling meta description that gets clicks


Meta descriptions are vital for all sorts of websites. They can help you get more clicks and even help improve your website’s visibility.

Write Compelling Copy [mention solution or answer of a question]

A meta description is a summary copy of your page or articles. Try to mention explanations regarding search queries or answers to questions. It will help to draw attention quickly. If searchers find a solution or response to a question, they will try to find more information. And it will help to increase the CTR of the page.

Concise length of description

You don’t have permission to write long sentences in meta descriptions. You must complete it within 155-160 characters. So, concise the length of description with creativity. Only skilled copywriters can handle this perfectly. If you don’t have copywriting skills, try any meta description generators for doing this.

Use Your Target & Secondary Keywords

Using your target and semantic keywords in meta descriptions is a good idea. However, don’t over-optimize it with target keywords. SEO plugin Yoast SEO suggests using a target keyword maximum of 2times in your content.

Keep it relevant to your topic.

Relevancy is a must for SEO success. Visitors who don’t find the exact things you talk about in your title and meta description will immediately leave your site. It will increase the bounce rate, which will harm your website.

Don’t Use Filler Words

As you don’t have the opportunity to write more extensive sentences in meta descriptions, It will be better to avoid filler words when writing meta descriptions. It will help to keep sentences short and worth meaning.

Use a call-to-action

Mention a clear call to action in your meta description. It allows the reader to understand what you will offer on the next page. If the following page delivers informative content, you can use a call-to-action like read more, find out more, learn more, etc.

But, if you are a service provider offering a free service on the following page, you can use “get a free trial” and “get a free service” as your call to action. It is much more effective for increasing the CTR of the page.


Some FAQ About Meta Descriptions

What is the difference between meta descriptions and SEO descriptions? 

There are no differences between meta descriptions and SEO descriptions. Both are the same things in meaning.

How to analyze if my meta description is optimized for SEO? 

There are several ways to analyze if your meta description is optimized for SEO. If you’re using WordPress, SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or rank math can be your great solutions. Both these plugins have options to check this. However, if your site is developed from other CMS, you can use SEO tools like Semrush, frase, aherfs, and surfer SEO for excellent solutions.

How Long Should a Meta Description Be? 

Excellent practice in writing meta descriptions is keeping it short, 155-160 words long. An ideal meta description should be around 1-2 lines long and naturally include the focus keyword in the lines. Don’t use the focus keyword more than two times.

Why You Need a Meta Description Generator? 

Writing compelling meta descriptions can be difficult, time-consuming, and often requires skills you don’t have. That’s why some people prefer to use meta description generators that automate the process.

What’s the difference between meta descriptions and meta tags?

A meta tag is an HTML tag that helps google to provide your site information like layout, topics of the page, and more. You can only see it when you click on “view page source.” However, a meta tag includes a few tags like meta title, meta description, meta robots, etc.

The meta description is a part of the meta tag. You can see it on the SERP result page below the title. On the contrary, you can see all meta tags by clicking “view source code.”


A meta description must have research-supported information for searchers. If they are convinced with the information, they would like to click your site URL to learn more about the topics. It would be best if you treated it more professionally. 

Though Google often changes meta descriptions of any page without permission to make it more user-friendly. You should still try your best to write compelling meta descriptions. 

If you don’t have time and creativity, take advantage of meta description generators for writing it. 


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