How to Use Instagram Nametags for Marketing

how to use instagram nametag

With everything shifting to a digital platform, it’s no surprise that businesses have also invested heavily in digital marketing. Digital marketing focuses on using specific techniques to successfully navigate online marketing and launching ad campaigns that make your business more visible to online consumers. One of the most valuable platforms for doing online marketing is social media. Thanks to many available platforms, you can widen the reach of your business with a few keystrokes.

One popular method right now is marketing through the use of Instagram nametags. Instagram is a big social media platform where people share photos and short captions with their followers. With a good Instagram feed and a great Instagram name tag, you can attract many interested parties. Additionally, name tags allow prospective clients to reach you easily. With a name tag, all clients have to do is scan and are directed to your page.

Aside from encouraging people to follow you, a name tag can also be used in marketing your business. Here are a few techniques to use your Instagram nametag to your advantage.

How to Create an Instagram Nametag

Creating your Instagram nametag is unbelievably easy and straightforward. All you have to do are the following:

  • Go to the Instagram menu.
  • Select the Nametag feature.
  • Wait for your name tag to be generated.
  • Edit your name tag by changing the background or taking a photo of yourself.
  • Once you are satisfied with the name tag, save it using the options button or send it to your friends through various social media platforms available.

Change Your Instagram Nametag to the Name of Your Business

First and foremost, you definitely want to change your instagram nametag to the name of your business. This way, people will be able to see the word and become familiar with it. Additionally, you want to stick as close to the business name as possible. If it’s already been used, try not to use too many special characters to make yours different. This will only further confuse people when they try to search for your business.

Moreover, your name tag will show your Instagram username. As such, the username should also contain the same name as your business. Remember, you are setting up a business profile and not a personal one. So make sure all information is aligned. Seeing your business name will encourage people to scan and follow, but most importantly, they will remember your business.

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Share the Name Tag in Your Stories and on other social media platforms.

To reach more people, you can share your Instagram nametag in your Instagram stories. You can even use your account to share it. Because it is a scannable code, you won’t even have a hard time uploading it.

It will be like uploading a photo onto your story. Another great thing about social media platforms is that they are constantly improving. Now, Facebook and Twitter also have similar features like the “Instagram story,” so you can easily share it on those platforms as well.

The name tag can even be incorporated into your blog or website for more exposure. Encouraging people to scan your Instagram name tag and check out your social media profile there for your business will increase the interaction you have with your customers or clients.

As more people check out your social media, more of them will interact with you, and you can use this opportunity to build a relationship with them. This relationship will encourage their loyalty for future transactions.

Use SEO when coming up with your Instagram Nametag.

Online presence is vital in making sure that people recognize your name. When people are looking for a specific product or service, they use search engines to find what they need. Even though you are utilizing social media, you can still be placed on search engines. But being a part of the millions of results available to users, you still need to get, at the very least, on the first page.

To strengthen your visibility, make the most out of your Instagram Nametags by aligning them with search engine optimization. Choosing the right words can do wonders to the number of people who will click the link to direct them to your account. As a business owner, you need to harness every possible marketing option that is available to you.

Imagine the capability of using the right words in creating your nametag. Simply being critical with coming up with your nametag can easily boost your Instagram visitors and followers. Furthermore, making such a simple change is free, and you will be able to get optimum results with such a minute change.

Share them during Conferences and Social Events.

If you want to promote your Instagram and other social media platforms, you can easily do so at conferences and social events. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to promote your business among the attendees or even find a collaborator among the other presenters. Wouldn’t it be nice if people could point to your Instagram nametag and immediately be redirected to your page? That way, they’ll quickly be introduced to what your business is all about!

For social events, you can print your Instagram name tag on flyers which you can give to people so they can scan it while they’re on the go. On the other hand, you can also print a poster where people can scan the code as they visit your booth or your area. People love quick and efficient interactions now, so being able to scan and scroll will definitely earn you points with them.

With the advancement of the world, there are now dozens of ways to promote or market almost anything. In fact, there are marketing strategies that are free from any charges. When it comes to coming up with good Instagram Nametags, choosing the right words can substantially affect your overall marketing strategy. In the long run, it can even grow your revenue to exponential heights. Marketing does not have to be expensive or complicated. It is essential to be creative and use what is already available to your advantage.


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