How To Optimize Facebook page

how to optimize facebook page

Optimizing your Facebook page is the first step of your Facebook marketing. But the biggest question is how to optimize Facebook page correctly. Why is it so much important?

Okay, today we will try to find out the answer. Whenever social media marketing comes to mind, no business can ignore Facebook marketing as it is the biggest social media platform.

According to Statista, almost 2.81 billion people use Facebook actively in the first quarter of 2021. can you imagine the potentiality of Facebook marketing?

What is active user meaning?

Okay, users who log in to their Facebook account at least once in the past 30 days. If you want to run a successful online business, you need to find potential traffic sources to increase revenue.

And, Facebook allows you to show your products or services in front of their biggest communities.

Wait, things are not so easy. At first, you need to create a Facebook business page and optimize the Facebook page correctly to gain more traction.

Facebook Marketing Basic:

It is true Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Before jumping to this channel, you should remember it is social media. So, you should be social rather than promoting business. Facebook also doesn’t like promotions.

Of course, they have paid advertising system. And it is their earning source of income. Therefore, keeping this platform as a social community, Facebook implements many terms and conditions for the promotion.

As business owners, we must obey the rules and promote our business. For your kind consideration, I added some points that may help you.

  1. Creating a business page is a must. Without a business page, you won’t be able to promote your product or services. Of course, you may use Facebook groups for promotion without creating a page. But, it is not professional-minded work. After making the page, you should optimize the Facebook page correctly. Don’t worry; below, I will show how to optimize the Facebook page.
  2. Don’t spam. Facebook bots can trace you. Moreover, if anyone complains, you may face trouble.
  3. Be social. Rather than focus on selling, try to help people solving their problems. Ultimately, it will generate a massive profit for you later.

That’s the basics of Facebook marketing. Open a business page, be social on it, and never do spamming. If you follow these three steps, you will succeed on this platform.

6 ways to optimize your Facebook page.

After creating a business page, your first step should be to optimize your Facebook page as it will help you reach your page organically among the audience. Moreover, people will get a clear concept of your business. Both are extremely important for increasing ROI.

Although, Facebook gives you a step by step guidelines for optimizing your page after creating. If you follow these steps, your optimization process will almost be done. However, I will try to show you every space where you can optimize Facebook pages.

Let’s begin.

Use Templates & Tabs:

After creating a page, design your page templates and tabs. By default, Facebook sets current templates on each page with some default tabs. You can showcase some tabs as your wish because you have the option of on/off the tab. However, Facebook designed some templates depending on the various purpose of creating a business page. To check this, go to page settings. Then, click on the templates and tabs menu.

You will see templates and tab page. From here, in the template section, you will see you’re using the current template. If you wish to change it, click on the edit button. Now, all pre-designed templates will appear in front of you.

In below, you will see all templates that Facebook designed for your page.


It’s a basic template designed for all pages. Facebook sets this template by default with all pages while creating. It shows some tabs at the top to help you showcase what’s essential for you.


Do you want to operate a business with a Facebook page? Then, you should pick a business template for your page. Why? Because facebook designed this template focusing on business development. For example, you will be able to post jobs and special offers for your business.


This template is perfect for event business. As, this businesses need to highlight their event location, hours, upcoming event information.


Non-profit organizations collect funds and donations to operate their activities with the thinking of fund-collecting and donation facilities; Facebook designed non-profit templates.


Although, Facebook is very strict about publishing political news. If the content isn’t going against their terms, politicians can reach their supporters and communicate with them using a Facebook page. Politicians templates is the right for political leaders who wish to share with supporters using Facebook page.


If your business provides services, this template is perfect for your business page. You will be able to showcase your services so that people can find your services and get in touch with you.

Public Figures:

It works like politician’s templates. Facebook designed these templates to help public figures reach their supporters and communicate the message.

Restaurants and café:

This business needs to showcase photos and essential information like menus, opening and closing hours, locations, and offers. So, it will be the proper templates to showcase everything accurately.


Are your business sell products online? Then, you should pick the shopping template. It enables your business to showcase products. People can easily find the product and may contact you for an order.

Here is a list of Facebook pre-designed templates for operating business pages smoothly. Depending on your business and goal, choose a suitable template for your business page. You can also rearrange the tab order at the top of your page. For doing this, click on the tab name and drag it position.

Complete Your Page Info:

Page info is vital for any business. People will know about your pages and their activities by seeing your business page info. Without completing it, your audiences may become misguided. So, let’s fill it with the standard template. You will find page info under page settings. Here, some of the things you should focus on it.


The page name will be shown in the name box. If you want to change it, you may do it from here. However, you can change your page name any time before getting 200-page likes. You can also change it later, fulfilling some facebook terms. Anyway, it is always better to take the final decision about page name at the beginning level.


Username is the short name of your business. You can put your entire business name in here or something else. For better Facebook page optimization, we always suggest putting your domain name in here. Your username will be a Facebook URL also. So, remember it before creating a username on the Facebook page. Keep it short and precise. Facebook has specific guidelines for making a username. You may check it at first.

Add Website:

Add your website link to the Facebook page. As a result, your audiences may easily find your website.


It is the place where you can write a short speech about your business. Great place to introduce your business to your audiences. Don’t need to write a long paragraph. Instead, write quick notes about who you are and what you offer to your audiences. Remember, you are eligible to write only 255 characters here.


Categories help facebook to find correct audiences for your business. You can add upto 3 categories on a page. But, add at least 1 category to your page. Facebook said that having the proper categories in pages helps them to show businesses to the right people at the right time. So, your business will reach engaged audiences.

Contact information: 

Without correct contact information, nobody can contact you. All your efforts will ruin if you don’t add contact information. So, add your business phone number, email address, website address, and, if possible, what’s app number. So, the client may contact you in a multi-way.


Adding a location is extremely important for local businesses. Facebook will help to reach an engaged audience within this location. Moreover, your audience will be confident of seeing your area. Adding a map also helps you with Facebook SEO.

Service Area: 

if your service is limited in areas, write the name of service areas in this box.


Depending on the business, hours may vary. So, don’t forget to think about your business hours. If you don’t want to show your business hours, click on no hours available. But, as a business owner, you should add your business hours.


If you want to add an ample description of your business, you can add information box. The limit is 50000 characters. It’s enormous to write any business information. Moreover, you can add other links here. In the product’s box, you can add a list of your products and offers.

 Price range and other accounts:

Having a price range is giving your audience a clear concept about your product prices. If you’re an online seller, don’t know what you should pick, then select moderate.

Link interchanging is an excellent option to send your Facebook audiences to other social accounts. You can add all your social accounts to your Facebook pages.

Use Profile and Featured Image

Many Facebook page users don’t know; using a perfect profile and featured image is extremely helpful for promoting the brand.

Your profile image or avatar represents your business. You can use the business logo in your profile picture. However, profile image should be

  • At least 180*180 pixel
  • It should be readable types.

For making the Facebook business page more professional, cover photos play an important role. Here, you can upload images and videos also. Here, you should follow Facebook guidelines.

  • The cover image should be 820*312 pixels at least. It should be eye-catching.
  • If you want to add videos, 20-90 second videos will be perfect.
  • For the slideshow, you can use customers testimonial mixing with slide images. It’s a great place to highlight your businesses.

Use CTA Button on the page.

CTA button will help your audience taking action. Depending on your business, you can add your CTA button. For example, if you’re a public figure and want to share information with your audience, you can add follow CTA button.

How to add this? Okay, go to the featured image section. Just below it, you will find add a button menu. Click on it. Now, you will be able to add the CTA button to the page.

Some common CTA buttons are.

  • Follow
  • Book Now
  • Get quote
  • View Gift Card
  • Start Order
  • Call Now
  • Contact us
  • Send Message
  • Sign Up
  • Send Email
  • Learn More
  • Shop Now
  • Watch More

For CTA, you need to add data or sources where your audiences may take action. For example, in the call now button, you need to add your phone number.

Manage Reviews and comments:

Reviews are great ways to establish a trustworthy relationship with your audience. Positive reviews always impact business. Facebook is a social community. Here, audiences are connected with their family member and friends. If anyone gives positive feedback, you will be able to trustworthy business among reviewers’ Facebook friends.

For enabling it, go to page settings. Under the general setting, you will see reviews. Just enable it.

Always engage with your page audiences. Online is a vast area. Lots of pages is maintaining a similar business like yours. So, keeping engage audiences is extremely important.

How can you do this?

Be active in page maintenance. Reply to your audiences in comment sections. Many page owners ignore this. However, it is really important. Audiences always want to respond from page maintainers.

Moreover, publish different types of posts at different times in a day. Don’t always post business-related posts or your offer randomly. It makes audiences bore. Be social, keep motivated your audiences publishing the valuable post.

Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook launched messenger for business. With the advantage of this feature, customers can directly chat with companies for their desired products or services. But, be careful before using it.

If you can respond quickly, these features will be extremely helpful for your business because the response rate will appear on your Facebook page.

However, if your response rate is low, it may badly affect your business.

Wrap Up:

Now, you know how to optimize Facebook page. If anything any mistakes in your pages, fill it now. At first, find your suitable templates and tabs. Then, complete your page info.  After that, upload profile photos and featured images. Add a button to the page. Manage your reviews and comments also. However, if possible, use Facebook messenger features.



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