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How to Choose Perfect Domain Name

how to choose perfect domain name

Choosing a perfect domain name for your business is vital because it represents your online presence. 

If you don’t pick the right name for your business, you may be a sufferer after 3-5 years of running a business. Then, switching your domain name to another one will be challenging.

Let’s make it simpler.

When we start an offline business, what do we do? 

Before opening a store or business, we pick a name for the store. Most of the time, we see a banner at the store representing the store name.

Why the store owner does this?

Anyone can easily find the store because of the banner. This is exactly what happens online. 

Every day, thousands of new businesses start online. Moreover, traditionally, offline business holders now prefer to switch online.

So, among millions of businesses, you must establish yourself or your company as a brand. How will people know about your brand or identity?

The only way is to use your business domain name. 

I hope you understand the importance of picking the right domain for any business.

Now you can ask me, hey Mamun, I understand your point. But how to choose perfect domain name for online business? Which essential factors need to be followed before purchasing any domain name?

Don’t worry.

In this article, I will clarify everything you need to follow when choosing a perfect domain name for your business.

Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

At the beginning of my blogging life, I felt confused when choosing a domain name. I spent day after day selecting a domain name for my blog. You won’t believe I spent 15 days choosing only a domain name.

Yes, you heard correctly. 

Then, I realized I had made a colossal mistake. I lost my working hours; it may badly affect my business.

You must need to spend some time choosing a domain name. 

But it should be one day. Spending many hours picking only a name when you start the regular work may help you establish your business.

I want everybody to avoid making the same mistake as me. That’s why I tried to simplify the process simpler to newbies. 

Follow the steps below and choose a domain for your business/blog within a single day.

Choose .com Extensions Domain Name.

Why am I telling you to use the .com extensions domain? Is there any effect on the business?

Unfortunately, not.

But it can help you to build your brand indirectly. How?

Because it is the most popular domain extension, readers can easily trust the .com extensions domain. 

As it is the familiar extension among them.

So you will be able to establish trust among your users. After .com extensions, .net and .org are two popular domain extensions.

However, I suggest picking extensions. Its price is low. Register your domain name by spending only 8-10 $ in Namecheap.

If you are on behalf of a company, you can prefer the .co extension and AI-based website .ai extension. It’s up to you. 

Use Keywords in Your Domain Name:

Every domain owner wants traffic from search engines. The only way is to get this ranking target keywords in search engines.

The search engine bot will identify which topics you may cover in your blog if you keep your target keywords in your domain name. It will be a big advantage for you to rank your domain.

But wait!

Finding a .com extension domain with your target keyword will be very tough. In these cases, you may add suffixes, prefixes, or adding more words to your domain name.

If you want to establish your brand with a unique name, you may skip it. Many websites you will find online do not use target keywords in the domain name.

Instead of using keywords in their domain, they intended to show their business shadow in their name.

For example, “Bluehost.” It wasn’t a target keyword.

So, why did the owner choose the name?

Because, within its name, you can think what types of business they run. Host words refer to hosting services.

That means this company provides web hosting services.

Whether you use target keywords or a unique name indicating your business is up to you.

If using the target keyword in your root domain name looks spammy, you may use these word types that reflect your business.

Keep Your Domain Name Short:

Nobody likes long words in the domain name. Moreover, it won’t be memorable. Your focus should be choosing a domain name that will be easily memorable.

The only solution is for this to keep it short.

Because people can easily read and memorize the name. Choose a domain name with a single word. But, if it is unavailable, choose two. It will be short and memorable.

Remember, keep your domain names within 15 characters. Long character domains take more work to memorize.

Other things you should focus on here while selecting names. Always use easy words.


Because they can easily read and memorize your domain name, keep it short within one or two words, and words must be easy to read and grammar error-free.

Niche Based Domain Name:

A niche-based domain will help your readers to understand your blog topics. So, always focus on purchasing niche-based domains, especially for blogging purposes.

As you mention your niche in your domain, you will be able to draw attraction to your target audience. But finding your niche-based domain is challenging.

In previous, it was a common trend to use generic keywords in the domain. However, day by day, Google has become strict about showing only valuable content to its readers.

A niche-based domain helps you prove you’re an expert in this niche. If you post valuable content regularly, your domain has a good chance of ranking. Although there are various ranking factors, you also need to implement these.

So, what will you do?

You can use a domain template to find your domain. You can also add a suffix or prefix to your name.

• [niche name] (For example-

• [niche name]

• [niche name]

• [niche name]

• [niche name]

• [niche name]

• [niche name]

• [niche name]

• All[niche name].com

• Just[niche name].com

• Best[niche name].com

• [niche name]

• [niche name]

• e[niche name].com

• i[niche name].com

• Master[niche name].com

Avoid Hyphen, Numbers, and Double Letters:

Avoiding hyphens, numbers, and double letters in your domain name is always better.

Because these domains look like spammy websites, they aren’t easy to pronounce.

What are double letters?

Okay, let me be clear about this.

For example, you register a domain name “”

In this domain, p is used two times beside each other. It is called a double letter. By avoiding it, you can make your domain more brandable.

Using hyphens in the domain may take your audiences to your competitors’ domain. You may lose your valuable traffic. 

 So, avoid hyphens, numbers, and double letters from your domain name.

Don’t forget to check the trademarked of your domain:

So, finally, you choose a domain name for your business. But things are not over.

You need to check whether this domain is already used or trademarked.

Picking a similar domain name will not cause any problems. But, if you take a trademarked domain name, you may face difficulties in the future.

You need to take steps at the beginning point to avoid this hassle in the future, 

You can research a trademark from USPTO or Trademarkia. Both are free for research trademark and copyright.

Use Business Name Generator Tools:

Still need to find your domain? 

Then, business name generator tools may help to find it quickly. These tools will help you to find a domain name for yourself. 

Here are some famous domain name generator tools.

Lean domain search

Name mesh

Shopify Business name generator

Business name generator


You can use any of them. All are fantastic tools for finding the right domain name for your business.


Choosing a domain name is extremely important, but remember that time is more valuable. Now, you know how to choose perfect domain name.

So, without wasting much time, select your business name quickly.

Remember to register immediately. Because every day, thousands of new websites are published. So, if you wait to register your domain name immediately, there is no guarantee that you will find it later. 

Lots of famous domain name registers prevail on the internet. Some of them are Go Daddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc. You can register from any of them or your preferred register.

Why wait?

Register your first domain today and start your online journey.


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