How To Add Services To Facebook Page

How To Add Services To Facebook Page

Adding services to the Facebook page help your audience to know more about the service without going to the website. It is an excellent feature of Facebook. You can increase the ROI of your business using this feature. Don’t know; how you can get benefit from this? Okay, we will discuss how to add services to Facebook page and its benefits. However, it is a part of Facebook page optimization.

But wait.

Before going to start using this feature, be clear about you are operating the service-based business?

If you’re not a service provider, then this feature isn’t for you.

Check if you have the access services tab.

First and foremost, you need to check that you have an access services tab on your page. Look at under your cover photo. Did you notice the service tab in here? In some cases, you won’t see it in here.

In some cases, you will see it by default here.

Don’t be confused. The tabs we see here depend on which page template we use on our page. Facebook makes our business more comfortable. They pre-designed some templates depending on various business modules.

Facebook sets some tabs by default with every template. Of course, you can edit or remove it. Even you can add a completely new tab to your page.

How to Enable Service Tab?

  1. Go to your page
  2. Enter page setting options
  3. Click on templates and tabs.
  4. If you see a switch-off of your service tab, on it
  5. Now, your service tab is enabled.
  6. You can place it at your suitable position by dragging it.

How To Add Service Section To Facebook Page

After adding the service tab, it is time to add services. Here are few steps below.

Step 1: click on the service tab.

First and foremost, click on the service tab; you will find this tab in the page menu, just below the cover photo. You can showcase your services organized. Audiences may get an initial idea about your service and its cost.

Step 2: Add a service

After clicking the service tab, you will find the button “Add a Service.” If you click on it, a box will appear in front of you. It will allow you to put your service name, price range, service description, and featured image. Remember, Facebook has no option to arrange the service features. So, the first service you enter here, Facebook will automatically place it at the bottom. And, the last service will be placed at the top position.

How To Add Service Section To Facebook Page

So, rearrange your services manually before entering your data in this field. Facebook will show your last three services on your page timelines. While adding service few things, you should use correctly.

Service name:

Be short and to the point. Enter the exact service you offer. For example, if you’re a web developer, you can keep your service name ‘web development.


For selecting a price, Facebook gives you a flexible option. There are lots of choices here. Use which is suitable for your service. In below, I added all the options Facebook offers.

  • Fixed
  • Starting From
  • Variable price
  • Ask for a price
  • No price
  • Free
  • Custom.

how to add services section to facebook page 1

If your service price is fixed, that is perfectly okay. You can use the fixed option. At the same time, if you don’t want to show your pricing openly, you can select ask for a price option.

Service Description:

add your service description in short. Enter bullet points of your offers you want to show among clients. This is the place where you will draw the client’s attraction to you. So, be creative in writing service descriptions.

Add Photo:

add an image that is closely related to your service.

Step 3: Publish The service.

After entering all your information, if you think everything is perfect, you can publish it. For doing this, click on the Save button.

how to add services to facebook pages

Remember, if you’re only one service provider, you can enter each service item in detail. By taking this advantage, you can highlight each service item. For example, you are a professional photographer. Photography is your only service area. But, you can highlight its likes,

  • Portrait photography session
  • Commercial photography session
  • Wedding photography session

This will allow your services more appealing. Audiences will like it very much. if you face any trouble, you can contact with facebook help center.

That’s fine. We are now able to add service tabs on our Facebook page. But, what’s the benefit of using this? Why service-based businesses should use this feature?

Let’s find the solutions.

Benefits of Adding Service tabs in Facebook page

It creates awareness: 

Yes, it is true that brand awareness is vital for online business. Your audiences already know about your service and its pricing. Facebook is a social media, and we should use it as a social man. Whenever page audiences engage with any post, the opportunity is bright to see your tabs. And, Using this feature, you may increase your awareness.

Help to complete a successful meeting with client’s

Whenever we talk with our clients, service cost would always be a meeting agenda. If clients already know about service costs, there is a high possibility of closing a successful business meeting. Although, you may lose some clients also. There is a 50/50 opportunity. The choice is yours whether you should take it or not.

It saves time

We often bargain with clients about service costs. They also want to be clear about costs. The way to know this is by visiting your website or direct contact with you. But, if you previously describe your service areas and costing on the Facebook page. They will receive an idea about your service. It may help you making fruitful conversations with audiences. And, if clients feel it is not suitable for them, they don’t bore you. It saves time for both.


Facebook brings an excellent feature for a service-based business. We discussed about how to add services to facebook page. Now, you can easily add your services to the Facebook page using this feature.

Though it has some merits and demerits so, the choice is yours.

If you think you should use this feature, you can do it following the steps we talked about.

What do you think?

You should use it or not. Let me know the below comment.

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